And we are off………

imageWell our day to leave on the adventure dawns tomorrow. My head is saying that it’s not too late to back out. My sprit of determination says lets do this thing. There is so much going on with work and Boo’s wedding that timing couldn’t be more off, but how was I to know that 18months ago.

I will be taking my phone so I will be able to connect to the world via text, email and FaceTime when possible. Today I unpacked my back pack and was more ruthless with what I was taking. The aim was to reduce the weight of my pack as it was heav


ier than I wanted. Or more to the point, than my knees wanted. And so after doing this and feeling both gutted at the loss of some items, what have I done? I’ve gone and put my kindle reader in there and my kindle tablet. The e-reader is light but the kindle HDX is not. You never know it might get left with Sarah at the airport. Or not.

Anyway. Time for me to sleep as very early start in the morning. If you read my blogs then thank you. I love dresses and nice shoes as you know, but so you know what I will look like for the next 5 weeks I have attached a photo from a training session. Kyle says he never wants to walk the river Severn river banks again we did it do many times this last few months.


5 Responses

  1. Have a great time Kay!
    I was being totally honest when I said I envy you. Yes it will be hard, but I envy you the adventure and I envy the fitness that makes it possible, though I know you have worked hard to be fit enough to do this.
    I was proud to hit my 10K steps again today and that made me wonder how many steps you would be averaging each day. Did you take your fitbit?
    Hope you get some good weather and some comfy beds along the way.:)


  2. At least it looks like you will get some sunshine. When I look at the weather map for the Highlands & Western Isles you can’t see them for rain clouds. Have a great adventure and don’t fall off any mountains – don’t lose your ‘way’

  3. Hey Vixen
    Thanks for reading. Unfortunately my Fitbit gave up the ghost some weeks back. I really wanted to see how many steps and considered a Fitbit surge. But it was one extra thing to be charged each day so I left it to me bowing that it will be lots. Ha ha

  4. You could download the walkmeter app on your phone. That gives you all sorts of info on your journey xx