Back for good – Take That




Unfortunately, my ability to get thin is no where near as easy as the Cyclist's
Unfortunately, my ability to get thin is no where near as easy as the Cyclist’s

I got up and walked up the hill on the Camino path to have some breakfast. After one strong black coffee I had hoped would come with milk, I tried to ask the cafe owner for a coffee style that he did not serve. I wanted an Americano (like I’d just had), in a bigger glass, topped up with hot water and a little milk. Instead I got the same as I had before with a little hot milk and was charged an extra Euro for the privalidge. I won’t be trying that again any time soon.

Afterwards I sat outside our room on the path up the Camino hill reading a new Kindle book and waiting for the Cyclist to arrive. He emailed before he left this morning to say he would arrive about 11am and I was eagerly awaiting his arrival. I had a hell of a night and was still awake at 4am for one reason or another, and I sleep properly when he is here. I gave him such a hug when he called me and I lifted my head from the book. (It’s Robert Millars cycling auto biography).

While waiting I had seen lots of pilgrims go past some were very different from your usual walker. There was a young couple and a baby aged 12-18 months. The child was tied to its mothers back in a sling and there bags were in the pushchair that the father was pushing up the hill. There was another family too. French. Parents and 6 kids. The eldest was about 8. All with a little bag on their back and even one about Nenbino’s age holding his moms hand and just walking along. They had a baby strapped to their back too.

I Knew there would be only one thing on his mind…. So I took him up to the room … So he could change then go and find FOOD.

We ate at an Albergue come restaurant which served Italian menus. Inside a solo English gent/pilgrim told us that he had eaten off the menu and not just ordered off the pilgrim menu. I am sure the food off the pilgrim menu would have been nice here, but the cyclist deserved a treat after covering the distance over the mountains, so I said he could have what’he wanted. And we were not disappointed. The English chap was Will or Bill (we both heard it differently) and he was retired and from near Truro. I know not why, (unless it was the vino he was sipping a lot) but the cyclist was quite chatty. He told the guy about the camel tracking and we spoke about the cyclist doing the three grand tours amoungst many other things. About three hours later we left and headed back to our room to shower and settle for the night.

Tomorrow I will walk again and I am a little apprehensive as I am not 100%. En y va as the French say.

Oh, and today’s title was the other corny one thought up by the Cyclist.