The day of reckoning is drawing near

It isn’t long now until The Cyclist and I leave for our Epic walking adventure. I was training well but I haven’t been too good so I have had two weeks off. That feels bad but I was/am exhausted as I am being bled dry by continued additions and increased expectations at work. I will be exhausted for a different reason when we walk.

I joined a forum for pilgrims back in January and today asked my first question. It was about places to stay as the thought of sleeping at the roadside was beginning to take hold of me. I had quite a few answers and all were to put my mind at rest. Even telling me to walk separately from the Cyclist if his speed is different to mine. I think we have done enough walking over the past 9 years, to be able to keep together.



One Response

  1. I’m sure this will be a relaxing walk so you will find the mental tiredness lifting – it is only work after all and that’s what pays for the holidays like this!!