Who stole Kyle’s pants…. Update


I must say, as tired as I was, I’m still like a wound coil in so far as not relaxing. Well I can’t can I realistically. There is stuff to sort when we stop walking. One of those things yesterday was the washing. But all things that get washed need to dry. After wringing mine and the Cyclusts things out as much as I could, I had hung it out under a canopy to dry. But after two hours it was still wet. So while The Cyclist snoozed and watched a movie, I took the e-reader and perched on top of the tumble dryer that was in a cupboard. It was for pilgrims to use and I had seen people in and out like a bee hive trying to catch it empty. I had been one of those Bees however now I decided to take more positive action. A couple of women came in looking to see if it was empty. It wasn’t, there was a load in there. However as soon as that load finished the €2 coin in my pocket was going to be inserted and our things loaded quick prompt. When it stopped I whipped out the stuff in there into a basket and claimed my prize. Hopefully it will all come out dry.

After dinner (veg soup, macaroni and chicken portions followed by an almond cake) we went back up to go to bed. Someone had beaten me to the dryer. Our stuff had been stuffed in a little basket. I began folding and accounting for everything. But hold on. Where had Kyle’s M&S Jersey trunks gone? I had read the things get pinched but come on. A pair of navy pants well worn. We checked behind the dryer just in case, but nothing. I hate that and was quite cross. If I could have i would have done a bag search. The Cyclist was very laid back about it but I was certainly not.

Update: by the time we went down to breakfast with the other 50 or so pilgrims, we are paled and ready to go. In the big room I headed for the little table for only 5 people where we had sat for dinner the night before. Not one of the two huge communal long tables that others seemed to love. The Cyclist came in some minutes later and commented that he knew that I would have gone to where we had sat before. On questioning why he replied that Brits are creatures of habit. Well he may be right but I am sure that it has more to do with both his and my Introvertness and in addition his desire to be alone.

Anyway. When we got our packs from the dormitory and headed outside, I luckily spied a pair of M&S navy trunks lay on the airer. I would know his undies anywhere so I grabbed them and joyfully gave them to him to pack. It restores your faith in human kind. Though out of 50 pilgrims there were only 14 guys. The rest were women 50+ most of which were doing it on their own. So what they would do with boy pants I don’t know. I can’t tell you how miffed the Cyclist is knowing this as I had told him a few times I would be ok on my own and he now wishes he would have let me. Hey ho. We are in it together now

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    1. Oh well, Kyle will have to go commando…..
      Just to let you know I completed my marathon last night/this morning and I am now in the recovery phase….
      Wishing you we’ll for the rest of your pilgrimage.
      Aleta xxxxx

    2. Well done to you for your moon walk. Next year try this. Everyone is feeling the pain as we pass them along the way.