So it is all over….

  Our day in Castro-Urdailes was very nice. A later start than normal, nice breakfast followed by a walk along the promenade to the old town and the castle. At breakfast there was a big juicing machine with a basket of fresh oranges at the top and a wheel with three orange squeezers behind glass […]

And the heavens opened. Stage 19

  Well I suppose you could say we have had it good do far. In fact we have had all weathers possible apart from Snow, but tomorrow could change that. This morning it is hissing down (deliberate spelling mistake). Not a bit, a lot. It lulled us into a false sense of security when it […]

Stage 18 Back to follow our first journey in Spain.

Today along the route there were Sunflowers. we have seen spanish sunflower fields before but all the flowers were dead and brown. these are only dying and still have some yellow colour; Enough to brighten the terrain and add to the sight is it this morning. There are trumps of ground covered in purple heather […]

Stage 17 East to West

  Today’s start was in one of those towns on a rough looking street and as it was 9.20am by the time we were there and ready to go, The Cyclst didn’t want the start picture today. So off he went. We are on the N232 today, one of the ‘Red Carreteras’ of Spain. Basically a major […]

Stage 16 give me my bed…..

  I don’t know why but all this Vuelta stuff and the transfers after the end and again the next morning, is beginning to take its toll. Today there was a very Long pretty drive to start. The drive was over two hours so we had to be up and out as early as possible, […]

A day in a Tax haven. Stage 14

We had to do the the very first part o todays cycle in the car as it was a tunnel  5.5 Km long through the mountain as we head towards Andorra and No bicycles, pedestrians, horses and tractors allowed.  We are In the Pyrenees on the Spanish side. As we get through tunnel going down […]

This really was a Road to No where! Stage 13

  As we begin today there is No sun. This is a blessing for The Cyclist who has had enough of being toasted day after day. The early part of the day was lovely mountain roads that the cyclist really enjoyed.  We aren’t far from Costa Dorada nor Barcelona and who would know that some […]

Stage 12 who took the sun away?

Well the Nutty Spanish lady was right on que turning up at 8am to escort me across the road to pay for the room. She was sprightly even though I didn’t understand a word. She did keep telling The Cyclist that I looked Spanish and he said that made my eyes light up. I don’t […]