After a night at the OK Coral – Stage 11

We slept in today and I didn’t wake until 7.30 but I had lay awake mulling the worries i currently carry, over and over in my head. The air con works here and as it was a lot cooler outside it became like a fridge inside. So when the Cyclist woke after 8am his first […]

A rest day. Really?

Yesterday was our supposed rest day. I say supposed because it did not involve the usual rest days we have had in other tours, where I can get washing done in a washing machine (especially good for the cycling kit) and the cyclist has a complete day off. Today we had a 7 hour drive […]

How does the a vuelta end its first trimester?

Stage 10. By getting you to cycle back south inland via Granada in sweltering heat then up two lethal mountains! The start was on the opposite side of a city called Jáen which meant a drive through it in morning traffic which is not fun. Neither is the fact that the start was on the […]

Eye eye! Stage 9

Oh my poor Cyclist. Both his eyes have swollen after that sting including the bridge of his nose. He looks like a Clingon. This morning I could hear his Oh My Gods coming from the bathroom as he took a look. He won’t take any more anti histamine even though the sting on his leg […]

A visit to Costa del Sol. Stage 8.

It was Early for me as I had little if any sleep as I had some devastating news last night. All the swear words I know in the world wouldn’t express how I feel. We stayed in Jerez last night which is our start point. I got The Cyclist to let me pop i to […]

Seville, but no Oranges! Stage 7

It was another late start today at 9am. The Cyclist said that is was flat again and he didn’t want to be woken up by my alarm at 5.30 or 6am. So I set it for 6.30am and pottered doing tea etc in the morning. Today we are back on the N630 again. That straight bit […]

Stage 6 to Caceres

Today we started our route on tiny winding country lanes. Tne terrain os flat but with lots of boulders. This is probably because we are at just under 1000m high on a mountains plateau. We will however be going down at some point as The Cyclist said today is a flat stage and the first […]

The blog I missed out.

Around Costa Verde. Friday 16th. Last night we did go to Buffalo Grill as I hoped. There wasn’t one within walking distance so we had to go in the car, which was not so bad as it meant that we could fill up with fuel at the same time to save doing it in the […]

The hottest day so far. Stage 5.

This morning I had to sit on the public stairs to get some internet connection to post my first Spanish blog, (better late than never), and it was so slow which meant that we left later than I wanted. Hey ho. The Cyclist is shattered as he was up until after midnight trying to do […]