Round and round the mountain like a teddy bear…

Thursday.  Round and round Alpe D’Huez Like a teddy Bear One pedal, two pedal Come on, you’re nearly there!  (Said to the nursery rhyme tune). The first climb of the day was back over the climb from two days when it was the final climb. We set off early at 7.15am The Cyclist first as I went […]

A time trial without rain, not literally anyway

We started from hotel after some nice photos with the cycle with mountains in the background with both me and The Cyclist. I followed the cyclist down the hill,as we were some kilometres from the start point. At the junction both my sat navs said to turn left but The Cyclist was looking at his […]

A late start and a back to front finish

I was up early this morning but i set to doing my blog as I was still trying to get up to date. I had had a terrible nights sleep. It was absolutely boiling and we obviously had no air con. There was a window that we could open but this had two problems. 1. […]

Rest day Two before the last 6 day push to Paris

I woke at 3pm after only getting to sleep after midnight, then again at 6am which is when I normally get out of bed a short while after the alarm (it is an hour in front here you know) but again I luckily managed to get off to sleep again and The Cyclist was creeping […]

Squadron Leader on the ride to Mont Ventoux

Kay Here are my thoughts on Sunday: “I had met the Cyclist and the Directeur Sportif as arranged at the hotel in Givors and the first thing the DS reminded me of was the need to carb load that night. She also brought a message from the Sports Therapist saying the same thing. After stocking […]

To Mont Ventoux with an extra cyclist on board

Today is the day when Squadron Leader joins The Cyclist for this one stage.  The Cyclist was very driven and on a mission this morning. I kept getting the gnarled teeth stare and he was doing lots of getting ready super quick motions. He kept telling me that we had to set off early today […]

To Lyon and it promises to be a scorcher

Today the Cyclist has 5xCat 4 and 2xCat 3 climbs en route to Lyon. On the way to the start we saw some TDF people as we had stayed at a Logis that was along the route so we were doubling back towards the start, which The Cyclist is never happy about. He cycled on […]

Friday Fields of Gold and Poppies

Well, even though I dragged myself up early this morning and was ready to go just after 7.30am we didn’t leave from the hotel until 8.40am so we hit morning rush hour in Tours. Our hotel was in a street off the main city centre road and opposite a junior school. Today was obviously the last day before the […]

He said no stops today on the way to Tours…

And he didn’t. Stage 12   It was wet and not warm as we started. Getting up was hard as that 4 Poster huge bed was really comfortable. The Cyclist stayed there a bit longer while I got the tea and his first breakfast of Muesli and banana. Second breakfast was the one included in […]

Another time trial where the weather isn’t kind

The cyclist pointed out today, that whenever we have done a time trial, last year or this year, the weather has been grotty. and today was no exception. I did point out that we had done one time trial in Gabicce Mare Italy where the sun shone. his response was that at over 50km and being […]