A rest day at the farm

Today we went to breakfast. as I have said it is a pure treat. it was the usual continental fayre with all their own preserves and hams. I had slept til 8am which was lovely. The cyclist had got up up early gasping for drink. Eerrgh I heard. He said he had taken a bottle out of the cool box and taken a big swig. it was my Pinot Grigio that I had decanted. You didnt think think I would have drank it all did you? Oh, you did. Well I didn’t. Good reason, policing very tight. They are everywhere. Stopping lots of people. Especially in the mornings. In fact you don’t see them pulling people over after midday. After that they are just driving around in pairs. Orange cars and big dark blue ones. I haven’t seen the grey ones for a while since we left the south and Med Coast.

The laundry did the washing which was unexpected and I collected all the kit and some bits of mine at 5pm. That was apart from some of my smalls that took In the shower.

I spent most of the day sorting things, good long shower and hair wash and blogging. i did this from our terrace which was nice. I could see the Austrian/ Italian mountains shrouded in big dark grey clouds and hear the loud thunder claps. The cyclist pulled up the official Giro site and gasped. He said we may have trouble with some of the mountains. The weather here in Italy has been particularly bad this year and it has rained on the lower ground and high snow fall on higher ground. This was backed up by the photos on the Giro site of the Gallibier mountain finish yesterday. The very same one we have to do on Sunday. There was snow. Not a bit, meters high and it was also actually still snowing. This will be Stage 15 and the finish is on the top of the Gallibier whichnis 2642m high. They would have snow ploughed the road for the Giro as the pass was closed before that, but it is unlikely they will clear it again until the weather gets better and the snow melts. We have no snow chains and the little Meriva struggles to get up the mountains without it being snowy. The cyclist stated that we may not be able to get all the way up on some of these climbs.

While I was sat blogging I heard a horse neighing and looked up to see the German son driving a horse and cart. I jumped up and ran round the front to take a picture as my nieces love horses. The German guy asked if I wanted to go for a ride. I couldn’t refuse. He asked the stable hand to drive me around. I saw where they grow the produce, horses, donkeys, pigs and geese. I also saw the Chef school with its school tables and books on. It was nice as by choice we hadn’t left the room today. I gave the cyclists legs a good going over and felt awful when he is gritting his teeth and jumping to the ceiling while I work on them. I text his sister Sports Masseuse Supremo, to ask advice on whether to put him through it again. She said yes but gentle and more stretching.

Doing leg stretches with the cyclist is funny. Not ha ha but because he has so much power in those girder thighs of his, that when he pushes back against my full body weight I am pushed backwards like a feather. But I do my best.

With washing done, blogging underway and only pasta and boiled eggs to cook it will be time for another trip into the restaurant for dinner and a movie after I think. I am pretty sure that tomorrow will be awful weather wise. I hope not, but I saw the rain falling on the mountains during my cart ride and the thunder hasn’t got any quieter all day.
My soundtrack has been a mixture from the ipad today but I especially liked it when Sophia Loren came on singing ‘Bing bang bong’. Lets see if the Boss knows that one then and where it is from? That is an outright challenge Boss!
I said that the track sound be played as the soundtrack the the video compilation of the cyclist as taken by me, though I am still for the King of the Road track from Gabicce Adriatic panoramic road.

Until tomorrow.

4 Responses

  1. Good to catch up with your ‘adventures’ again – you are mad!!! Is this a rest day at the funny farm??

  2. Had no idea, bv a quick google tells me its from “Houseboat” with Cary Grant. Never seen it?

  3. Yes douglas is right. I must be mad. And The boss is right too, the song is from houseboat. Can’t believe I knew something he didn’t.