Home safe and sound and back to normality

Well, we got home safely as most of you know. It was a long journey on the Monday arriving home at 11pm which makes my achievement of being sat at my desk in Telford at 7.30am amazing in my book. As The Boss had warned me, I didn’t have time to catch a breath as there was a list of things to do waiting for me. If I start about deadlines then it will get boring, so I won’t.

Lots of my colleagues asked if I had a nice holiday. When I spoke with CBR Princess today I told her that if anyone else asks me if I enjoyed my holiday I would explode. That is not exactly what I said but you know what I mean. While on the subject I must say congratulations to her for getting a promotion today. What a way to start a holiday.

There is still no joy on the baby front for Angel One. Bless my angel, she is at the point of many pregnant moms when you just want it out now. And so do I so I know Angel One and bambino are ok.

The purpose of my post is to alert you to the new videos on the homepage of my blog and the creation of a meet the characters page. I will be working with The Cyclist to choose other interesting videos and photos prior to starting the French Tour.

The Cyclist leaves for Corsica next week with The Sports Therapist in tow who will be covering for me while I hang around here hoping the bambino won’t be more than a week late. Last weekend I packed the food bags etc ready and got all of the nutrition and drinks bottles sorted. This weekend will be spent packing my bags (the bags leave with the car not with me in the plane), and also finalising the re-stocking activities. Let’s just hope the weather is a little better than in the UK as I write and that we see considedably less snow. The Cyclist has not been on his bike much since he finished his last Giro stage, but he assures me that he knows what he is doing.

One of The Cyclist‘s motorcycling chums is in serious cycling training as he wants to cycle the French Tour stage that takes in Mont Ventoux. He is Squadron Leader and has earned a place in my blog so I can report on his progress as he cycles with the machine that is my cyclist. I will write update my blog even if I am not there for the first few days as I will obviously be catching up with how The Cyclist and his sister are getting on. Don’t forget to follow me and comment as I catch up with you and respond. This helps to keep me going and spurs me on to keep the posts coming.

So until then…

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  1. Thanks for your well wishes!! I will indeed have a good holiday now and I’ll try not to worry about what I have to do when I return… I wish Kyle the very best of luck in the next stage of his incredible challenge and hope you are soon to be a nana!