I swear the cyclist is invisible

Ischia island to Sorrento apartment.

It makes me smile when the receptionists insist on giving me details of how to let ourselves in at night after going out. Any normal holiday and you might like to go out in the evening, for a stroll or something to eat. However, this is not a normal holiday is it!

We tasted our first Italian breakfast this morning. Basically I didn’t know what to expect as all our stops that offered breakfast said it was a traditional Italian breakfast of local cakes. Anyway it was mostly the usual continental fayre which was ok. There was a choice of Peach jam or Peach jam (not a mis-print, the cartons were a different brand but same flavour) or Nutella to spread on your very sugar coated croissant thing. It looked croissant shaped but was not like the real French thing.

Kyle ordered coffee and when given the choice of Cappuccino, American or Italian, Kyle answered Italian before I could open my mouth. I was looking forward to sitting down and enjoying my morning drink as it would be a luxury. The coffee however was a teaspoon full of pure caffeine served in an espresso cup. Now I know to go American next time. One sip and it wash gone.

Kyle succumbed to my worries about re-fuelling so we headed to the port with a full tank, hoorah. I even had time to nip into a supermarket to top up essentials. On a Sunday, hoorah again.

I am currently under the opinion that these little Italian towns are like the Spanish towns that I have seen when I stay with the cyclists aunt in the mountains behind Alicante. You don’t think there are shops but there are. They shops are in what looks like people’s front rooms and the houses all look like they are falling down from the outside but are absolutely beautiful inside. This supermarket had a tiny entrance and I was lucky to spot it, but once inside it was about the size of a Tesco metro with most of the things I needed.

The ferry across was pleasant and we sat outside on deck watching the scenery. I had great fun taking photos of the island we past trying to get the birds flying by the ferry into the shot. There was a big cloud over Ischia as we pulled in but that quickly disappeared. The port we pulled into was lovely. It looks just like one of those perfect creations you might see in a Disney theme park. So perfect it couldn’t be true, but it was. All the little towns nestled on the mountains on the islands were made of candy coloured houses that looked like they were built on each other. We found somewhere to pull in to unload the bike and Kyle discovered that the chain lube he packed, had leaked all into his bag. Thank heaven for kitchen roll I say. If you know Kyle at all then you will know that this has upset him no end (putting it mildly), but I could say with all honesty that I hadn’t touched it.

The first of two islands

We set off separately so he could find his start point and basically I knew the direction and there is one road around the coast to the end point. At the top of the first hill I pulled over to wait and take his picture, but after waiting a while I began to wonder if I had taken a different road, so I moved on further along the coast. I stopped again when it said 9km to the end and I waited again. And I waited. The sun was out and I was sat on the sea wall which was extremely pleasant. At this point I thought about work, but not for long. I have to say for 30minutes it was a bit like a holiday.

After half an hour I went back to the car because I had started to worry and hey presto my phone rang. It was kyle asking where I was. He was at the end point and was working his way back. How on earth did that happen? One road. I set off before him but somehow he passed me and I didn’t see it. So two days riding and two days I’ve lost him. It doesn’t bode we’ll does it. Kyle had his new camera running on his bike today and he chuckled as we had lunch saying he hoped that when we play the footage he will see me not paying attention as he rode past. Well that’s one for tonight. The picnic on the sea wall was nice as the temperature with breeze was just right.

I write this as we wait to leave the island (as our ferry unloads and reloads) and head to Sorrento for tonight’s stop. It is a two storey apartments with a terrace and BBQ. How lovely if we could have a couple of nights to enjoy it. Anyway, I can cook up some pasta for the next couple of days as the next two days are going to be long and hard with early starts and late arrivals. Kyle says we have to be on the road to start his cycling by 8am at the latest so alarm needed again tonight. I would very much like to stay here on this island for a bit longer. It really is lovely and I am sure that a stay here would be relaxing.

Kyle has just pointed out its 29dgrees. How lovely. I put factor50 on his arms today to the gripes about hating cream. He wouldn’t thank me if it was sore now would he. It is interesting to watch the locals be inventful to investigate the car further. Not the car itself, I mean it is a browny coloured Meriva and fades into the background. But because our steering wheel is on the wrong side and there is a lone woman driving it. They all take a good look at the back to see where it is from but no GB sticker to be seen. I would proudly tell them if I could but ‘non capisco’ Italiano.

The road to Sorrento was as Kyle described. Slow and very pretty. There were more van loads of police than I have ever seen on the road from Naples to Sorrento. Police stood with battons. Police lined up behind riot shields with a policeman stood by the road with his loipop to call people over. The cyclist said that there is a gang problem around here especially Naples and there was a football match in Naples (getting through that traffic as we passed the stadium is a whole other story). There were packs of moped riders two and three up heading in the Naples direction and they even had a police helicopter above following their movements. We saw one pulled over and they were checking the moped and the lads over.

Our apartment is right at the top of the mountain over looking Sorrento and Positano. I could live in this apartment it’s quite nice for one or two people. The view is spectacular. I have been walking round wondering where I could store things, clothes mostly. Funny that! I have cooked a whole bag of pasta that i gotnthis morning, for the cyclist to eat for the next day or two, as there is a 130mile ride tomorrow and 150mile the day after so I’m keeping him carb’d up. As I said boiled eggs are good too so I did 6, not that I expect him to eat them all in two days. Though I know a man who can, eh David!

We have just been through the photos for today and whilst I thought that most were good I have now learned from my dear Mr OCD, aka the cyclist, that in most of them the horizon in the background is not straight. He drew a computer line on each photo to prove the point. So I can post them here but they aren’t good enough for the 3GT site. Good I say as duplicating is boring and this is my version so wonky pictures don’t matter. In Fact most have a slight tilt so to the same side so am wondering if I have one arm or leg shorter than the other? Not really but it might explain it. Kyle also showed me the video from his bike. I am not to be seen but probably because you couldn’t see Into The car park well. It is pretty frown worthy I think as he overtakes cars in the middle of the road. I know he thinks he is on his motorbike weaving in and out.

It’s 9.10pm here so time for bed as we have to navigate back down the mountain early so the cyclist can be on the road by 8am. And when I took my vest top off to take my shower I looked In the mirror to find I still had it on. Well actually I didn’t, but who knew that it would be me that should have had sun screen on today. Whoops. I would never have said it was that hot. Never mind I will be in the car tomorrow.

There is a big cloud over where we are headed and the cyclist has just informed me that thunderstorms are forecast. That should be interesting on the Amalfi coast road for 130 miles. Especially as the last bit is to the top of a big mountain and back down in a loop. I expect the new cagoul parka will see light of day tomorrow. Good look eh?

Thanks to The Boss for the info on the Eurovision and as always he can be relied upon to know an interesting music fact. Wasted in IMS he is. Oh and apparently the not so “ladies of the night” (more like martini ladies-any time any place anywhere etc), are called ‘Highway Hookers’. So there, both you and I have learned something.

Hope you are enjoying the real version of events by the cyclists right woman. Appreciate any photos even is they are slightly ski-wiff (a term used by my dad that means wonky). And thanks for your comments, I love to read them.

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  1. I think your right and doing so in rain will be harder and slippy. I have had the beware of the wet roads discussion from the cyclist, however I would be more concerned for him.

  2. Once the blog has become a best selling book (a sort of 50 shades of grey, only with bikes) i suspect it will be made into a film. And the soundtrack for today, as anne hathaway admires the view over the city, must be Dean Martin – “Return to Sorrento.”

  3. Good to see that you are not crying over spilt oil – having caught up with your story so far, I think that the cyclist owes you big time. The Amalfi coast road is a great biking road – probably hard work on a cycle!

  4. That’s a lot of pasta! 6 eggs in 2 days?!?! EASY!! I’d only eat 4 yolks tho….. But I’m strange like that ha ha!!

    Pics are awesome! Keep em coming, even tho they are wonky 🙂