Policastro to Mafia land. Stage 4 14th May

Soundtrack: Andrea bocelli, ELO- don’t bring me down, don’t dream it’s over-crowded house, drop the pilot-Joan Armatrading. Near end Geno came on, wasn’t in mood flicked on, Georgia by OMD, great song them the seekers Georgie girl and both lifting spirits but after that turned it off.

Our morning start was slow at first but then became manic. Kyle got up a minute before the alarm and told me to lie their I will make the tea. So I did. For far longer than I should really. He was doing a twitter post and sorting my new domains out. All my posts and your comments are on www.callthisaholiday.org and callthisaholiday.co.uk whichever you go to you see the same. Kyle did his usual switch from relaxed to “we have to go NOW” and luckilyIi was sorted. I had even taken all the bags to the car. Once in the car he reminded me I needed fuel. Flip. That meant that I had find a fuel stop on the coast let alone to try one of the self service machines or pay the extortionate prices for them to serve me. To be honest when the tank is low and there is a journey and a half to be done I wouldn’t be worrying about the cost.

I tried my learn Italian CDs again today but I quickly got fed up of “have you made the coffee” “you have not made the coffee?” “She has not made risotto”.

I am sure that it comes in handy for some one but it isn’t “can you fill my tank please?” (No sniggers you with the dirty mind. Lol). Any way I had €60 put in and I was happy.

I had been given firm instructions to stay close today as he couldn’t cope with losing me again. I explained that I needed a supermarket so that was going to be tricky. The only way I could do that was to get a little in front then when I see one nip in and out super fast. That was a plan!

I have noticed that exercise is coast walking for the ladies. Men run and ladies walk. Today they seemed to be walking to the next town and back.

I needed emergency supplies so i stopped at the first supermarket sign I saw. it turned out to be a tiny supermarket underneath a large building. It had 4 staff but no customers. The lady i saw and thought was a customer turned out to be on the till? I gibbered away in English talking to myself all the time going over the things I needed. well, there was lots of pasta so the cyclist was right. Isn’t he always though! however it could’ve been hearsay or perception. For example French are not all beret wearing with garlic round neck. So assuming all Italians eat is Pasta might not have been true. It is though. Along with cheeses and ham. The guy on the meat counter was like the assumed brighter brother and he had little time for me as I tried to ask for prosciutto. However the other guy, who I like to think was the not so bright but nicer one, couldn’t help me enough with fruit and vegetables. It reminded me of the baddies in the film The Goonies. There was the mama who was obviously controlling things, the nastier brother and the large lumbering brother who looked the most scary but was really very nice.

Surprise surprise there were tunnels. One was a long tunnel and I went through it three times. The first time was because it happened unexpectedly so I zoomed though. as soon as I was through I pulled to the side of the road. There was another tunnel in front and the one I had been through behind. it was a fast major road and as both sides were clear i did a super fast 3point turn in the road and scadadled back though the 1.4km long dark tunnel to try to get to the other end before the cyclist arrived so I could protect him. i managed it and slowed the traffic down behind me. This is the first of what would turn out to be the first of many such tunnels.

We had two food stops today and along the road there were no toilets! I watched the cyclist pull away from a stop and two lorries just shook car. I shuddered as I knew if they did that to the car then what would they do to the cyclist.

I even put sun cream on today on my right arm and shoulder. The temperature in the car says 24degrees but sun is like fire. It feels hotter on your skin. It is quite odd.

There are lots of big black cars in this neck of the woods. now I am going to use an assumption or stereotype. Here in the south of the toe of Italy the cars are old or big Mercs or Audi Q5’s with blokes driving. I assume they belong to ‘families’. They remind me of a Pacman game. They chase you down hovering for a minute then gobble you up as they zip past.

It was a long day. i looked at the clock and it was 18:23 and we are still not there. Our hotel is an hour and half away so another late night then :-(.

The cyclist had no energy 11km from end of todays stage. It was a long shockingly steep climb for over 20km before he stopped. He needed to refuel. I fed him an Energy drink (Sainsbury’s version of Red Bull), jelly fruit gums, energy gel, malt loaf, two glucose tablets and more made up drinks bottle. And Go! He flew up the last 11km.

I Just went into my handbag to put sunglasses away and the soap was there. You know the soap i was fixated on the night of the Amalfi coast road, but I left it there. I didn’t do it, so kyle must have. Secretly I’m pleased but I don’t know why as I usually use shower gels and scrubs all to make you buffed and smell nice.

On the A3 M’way on our way to tonight’s hotel, there was a lane coned off. The Italians have put signs and large objects in coned carriageway to stop those craft Italian drivers from using the lane as there is nothing wrong with it. Not in the uk. We are programmed to obey. I mean how often have you seen a long stretch of coned off road with absolutely nothing in it and wished you could drive in it. If you were Italian you probably would.

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  1. No wonder he flew that last 11km! I surprised he slept the amount of sugar he was fed!

    Oh and Andrea Bocelli…… What an awesome sound track!