Rest day two

The cyclist let me sleep in this morning until I woke at 8.30am. Lovely. It took me ages to prise him off the lap top, midday in fact, so that we could head down the mountain to search for lunch and a supermarket for a re-stock. While he did his website stuff I checked us in proper and took the washing to be put into the washing in, I spoke with the reception girl in half French half English as she was doing the same. It was quite nice to have a conversation that wasn’t about the time we start, the weather, the cycles the transfer to the next hotel start point and the Garmins directional ability. In fact that is not quite true. I did have a chat to her about Sat nav’s when we talked about Italy. Apparently everyone knows that in the south of Italy phones and electronic devices don’t function properly as there isn’t good coverage.

We took lunch at a nice tiny restaurant frequented by locals, did the shopping and headed back up the mountain. The high point of shopping was finding hot roast chickens in the Intermarché Super. The cyclist had been asking me to look for one for well over a week so now after his Entrcôte and frittes this afternoon and chicken this evening he will get a much needed meat fix. This is as well as a two portion bowl of beef tortellini and tomato second lunch when we got in.

As the cyclist has informed me that there is another 150mile trip ahead of us tomorrow with two big mountains at the start both of which we did yesterday (the cyclist is a little grumbly about having to go back over the one with the snowy glorious pictures from yesterday as it was a very long steep climb he found difficult in the wind) then undulating until the end whe it finishes up yet another mountain. It will take an hour to get down this mo Tain and up the next for the start and 2 hours from the finish to our hotel, so I have been told we have to leave here by 7am in the morning. I need an early night then me thinks.

Zzzzzzz. Can someone put a pillow on my desk next Tuesday please? Xxxx

3 Responses

  1. Glad to see that you are still having fun!! Not sure the cyclist would be happy with you paying more attention to the ski instructor.

  2. Ah but I didn’t pay more attention to the ski instructor aka Italian cyclist. I was just amazed at the size of his legs compared to a kyle. Kyle says its skiing that does that to your legs apparently.