Stage 12 who took the sun away?

Well the Nutty Spanish lady was right on que turning up at 8am to escort me across the road to pay for the room. She was sprightly even though I didn’t understand a word. She did keep telling The Cyclist that I looked Spanish and he said that made my eyes light up. I don’t know why it would as he also says that Spanish people are like their coffee: short, dark and bitter!

This morning we are cycling on nice quiet roads that twist and turn across mountain tops under a lot of the electricity windmills. I didn’t know what it is but I am fascinated by them. How much electric generated by one turning? Do they turn themselves on and off? Is that why some don’t move? Who is buying them as there are hundreds that I have seen here and a corruptly governed Spain is skint? I was watching a a guy stood right at the top of one of them, fixing it. You need a head for heights to do that job so it isn’t one for me then.

This made me think about my idea of doing lots of different jobs for a time to see what it is like. I think it would make quite a good TV programme as I am sure that many people wish they were doing a different job or that they had followed their dream. The programme would follow someone (in my programme it would be me obviously), doing jobs that I would love to try for a time to see if they are as good as I may imagine or to see if I the thoughts of doing it live up to actually doing it. The obvious candidates for this would be air hostess, but that was something I fancied at about 14. Now my job list would include:
Tornado Chaser
Banker on the stock exchange
Airline pilot
HGV lorry driver (think ice road truckers)
Etc etc

Now it’s your turn. What jobs would you like to have a go at doing? Not forever, just a few weeks to get a real taste of what it is like. Let me now in your comments and we will see how well we know you. For example I bet you didn’t know about my love of science and natural disasters? I know of one job that The Boss has as a dream job but surely given the chance there are other things you might like to try.

We cycled by a river for quite a while today but I couldn’t get a good photo of the Cyclist by the side of it as it is on a major road and no safe stop place. He stopped for a Pee and ate the sandwich that I had made for my dinner last night, but I didn’t eat it so he has.

We have seen a few more old hillside towns but I’m sure they look better on the TV as they are really old and look like they are forgotten and falling own. Maybe the houses are lovely inside, think Venice? That is a prime example of somewhere where the insides look far better than the outsides.

Eventually we got to the Sea in Cambrils and we headed north along the coast through Salou and on to Tarragona. We went past the back of Port Aventura and I took a photo of the roller coasters for Angel -One as she loves them. The sea front at Salou looked a lot better than I remember it when we drove their for a visit some years ago and I would have loved to stop and go for a paddle. I have said that each time we have seen the sea but I only did it once on our first Spanish day before the cycling started and that feels like ages ago already.

entering Tarragona was all oil refineries and was not p,radiant on the super fast dual carriageway. The city itself was nicer once you got to the old bit. I remembered that there was. buffalo Grill in Tarragona, one of only 7 in Spain and 5 of those are in Madrid. I programmed it into the Sat nav’s and off we set once the bike had been loaded on the car. We also passed a Carrefore so I to.d the Cyclist that I needed to go there too before we went to the Hotel as supplies were very low. I love that supermarket. Don’t k ow why? Probably because its French!

Our hotel was a little inland of Tarragona and had those sparsely decorated modern rooms. but it was a good size and clean. The room had tow single but together, electric beds where the foot end and head end go up together or just one end. The Cylist and I (after I had done my chores), sat on the bed both playing with the controls going up and down. It was a bit like that scene in Friends, where Joey and Chandler play on their new a lazy boy chairs, only this was better. Ha ha. I am sure you can image it and I am also sure you would have done exactly the same thing!

I turned the air con to the coldest possible and The Cyclist complained of being cold! First too hot, now too cold. Definitely Goldilocks syndrome!

The Physioligist had sent me some photos of Angel-One, Halo King, Bambino, Angel Boo and him on their holidays to try to cheer me up. I have uploaded a photo off my Angels got share with you.

My girl – Madness
Never ending song of love – Delaney & Bonnie
Next to you – Chris brown ft Justin Beiber
The night – Frankie Valli
Night swimming – REM
Nine million bicycles – Katie Meluah
No air – Jordan sparks
The No1 song in heaven – The Sparks
O Lori – Alessi Brothers
Oh Mississippi – Lissie


3 Responses

  1. My jobs would include:
    Litter picker on a coastal path

    Anyway there’s too much talk of other jobs! I need to back here as I miss you toooooo much!

  2. My dream job used to be a singer with D’Oyly Carte opera company. I did 2 week’s work experience there just before my O levels. I got to join the chorus on the last night and I absolutely loved it and wanted to quit school there and then 🙂 My Dad insisted on A levels – and just as I finished them D’Oyly Carte closed! They did reopen again, but that was a few months after my eldest son was born – so I guess it was never meant to be.

  3. A so ear and yet so far. At least you got to try your dream though so that s better than Aleta and I.