Stage 16 give me my bed…..


I don’t know why but all this Vuelta stuff and the transfers after the end and again the next morning, is beginning to take its toll. Today there was a very Long pretty drive to start. The drive was over two hours so we had to be up and out as early as possible, but we did start some f the journey on the way to last nights hotel after he had finished. For me I refer to just get the transfer over and done with even if it means turning up after 10pm like we did after stage 15. To turn up at 8pm knowing there is another two plus hours to do the next morning in addition to a full days cycling stage is dragging out the days and very little pure rest time.
I need 8 hours but making the day long at the end but to start super early again means I am slowly eh inning to shut down. I find myself following the sat nav and thinking that I’ve had enough now. For a Cooke f days at about 2-3pm I have co e over all tired and drowsy. This is not good and is not like e normally. I could never unless I am very ill or I’m completely wiped. I know. You are thinking what is she whining about when she isn’t even cycling and I completely agree. I do not whinge to the Cyclist as he is of course doing the leg work. But I do et up way before him to start he morning chores of doing tea, making breakfast, washing up, warming and making the flasks of tea and coffee to go, washing up, packing up, re-organising the cool bad/fridge with the newly frozen ce packs, doing his bottles, getting myself ready, loading the car etc etc. while he sits in bed while it is all brought to and taken from him.
While he set off on his ride once we had arrived and done the obligatory start shot, I walked into the town to the Supermarket for sandwich stuff. I k ow he hates shopping but I tell him over and over that he eats all the stuff so it doesn’t last forever. Plus things like fruit, bread and milk go off quickly so they need replacing and I only have a small fridge so I can only buy small stocks of things as there is no room at the cool box inn! After I was able to cruise along at a normal road speed with the music n loud as I knew that he would be a way in front. I did stop and walk back up the road to take what I thought would be a lively photo. It was as I hung over the barrier like a contortionist so at I didn’t get the electric wires in the shot. It was, Nd later n that night the cyclist agreed but said he wasn’t in it so it wasn’t as good as it could be. This was not vanity, merely his disappointed view of today’s photos. He chooses a hoot of the day to,put up on his website and in his view today I had let him down. He said there was no outstanding shot. His view and mine are Polar ends apart on his issue as you might expect. A bad workman blames his tools so they say. Today I blame the roads. If there are no lay boy’s or pull offs on a fast busy road then I find it difficult t to set up a sheet the way he likes. It is what it is so he will pick from what I have.
We had Two stops today and it was a  Lovely road. The Cyclist is happier today on this ride. He said The a vuelta is like an abusive marriage. It slaps and beats you one day until you can’t take any more and then the next, when you expect the worse, it loves you up as if to say sorry by giving you nicer roads even on a mountain stage.
Be my baby – Bay City Rollers
Come unto me – the Mavericks ( Spanish version)
Betcha by golly wow – Stylstics

2 Responses

  1. As ever, the person who does the prep and the detail and keeps the operation going gets little thanks or appreciation – the star is the star regardless!!

  2. Appropriate tunes might have been blondie, picture this, or wishing (if i had a photograph of you) by a flock o seagulls, the lead singer of the group also having a hairstyle which looked as if he had cycled into a headwind for several hours.