Stage 17 East to West


Today’s start was in one of those towns on a rough looking street and as it was 9.20am by the time we were there and ready to go, The Cyclst didn’t want the start picture today. So off he went. We are on the N232 today, one of the ‘Red Carreteras’ of Spain. Basically a major highway. Bit we have been on Red roads before and they were quiet or in the country. This one is going from east to west across the plains with its dry golden landscape scattered with the odd vineyard. The difference is that this IS a major highway. It is extremely busy, full of articulated lorries and they are doing about 70mph with the wind they cause buffeting the Little Meriva as they overtake me so I fear for The Cyclist today.
We have just driven down a very long downhill so straight you can see the toad in front for miles. I was doing 58mph all the way down and I know this isn’t fast but I squally pootle at 40mph so I don’t go too far from The Zcyclist. Anyway I had an Articulated lorry convoy right on my tail I could almost see the pupils of the driver behind. It is most disconcerting!
On this straight road I got to thinking hat I haven’t yet had a fresh Fig. The trees grow along the road and on a country track that’s ok but until two days ago the ones I had seen were all still too small and un-ripe. Then two days ago the tree had shed its figs and they were all rotting on the floor. No middle ground. I have 5 days left to find one.
In Rioja county today and not a white grape in sight as far as I can see.
Lots of butterflies. Little Blue ones, bright yellow, black and white. Must be a haven in this area. Today was supposed to be a flat day but it had Two Cat 3 climbs in towards the end. The route took us brought a couple of really old wattle and daub villages. It got warmer as the day wore on reaching 30+ before we got to Burgos which is our finish city. The weather is forecast to be  thunder and lightening storms for the next two days so this may be my last chance to wear a strapless dress and enjoy the sun.
Constant Craving – KD Land
Further away – Lissie
Human :- the Killers (one of my favourite sing star songs)
Some things you never get used to – The Supremes
Apache – The Shadows
Stairway to heaven – Far Corporation ( I like this version, though not as much as the Rolf Harris version, but the Cyclist isn’t taken with it and won’t play it when he drives)
Go West – Pet Shop Boys (ha ha)

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  1. We did have a bottle f local Rioja, but it was a 2012 light one as the Cyclist doesn’t li,e heavy wine. Personally, oaky and full of flavour is the best. I don’t like white Rioja either.