Stage 6 to Caceres

Today we started our route on tiny winding country lanes. Tne terrain os flat but with lots of boulders. This is probably because we are at just under 1000m high on a mountains plateau. We will however be going down at some point as The Cyclist said today is a flat stage and the first bit is mostly downhill. That should make for a good time then. There was cloud about today and this was keeping the early temperature down but also shading the sun as it came up. This was good as it was still warm but if it stays like this then it might make for a cooler day. Hopefully.
Today must be annual walking day. I noticed in Italy, if you remember, that the women walk and only the men run. It’s strange as in the UK women do walk if they are starting out with exercise but as many run as men do. Not here. And Thursday must be weekly walking day as there are lots and lots of women out walking. Some power walking in fitness kit, others are large old ladies with a stick to help them.
This s a long straight run on the N630 that runs long the side of the Mway, all the way to destination. This is good for not getting lost although I have to ignore the sat nav’s that keep trying to take me on the motorway!
Today we had a lunch stop for about 15 minutes. The Cyclist is going well. Not gunning it though as its 31C even though it is hazy. It gets higher Johan that and although the sun keeps trying to pop out it is very muggy.
In the finish ¬†town the Cyclist got a puncture but kept riding. Not far from the end the His sat navy got confused so he was going to follow me. I stopped some 500M from the end to finish as it was on a turning that Eroski was on. Oh boy he was not happy being stopped 500M short of actual finish. Threw Garmin and picked up bike. Don’t throw that too I shouted. He didn’t thankfully.
Instead of Eroski we went to Carrefore. For dinner The Cyclist chose lots of deli items. I got some crusty bread and stocked him up with this natural lemon,lime and mint drink that is Spanish and very refreshing. It is a little like Mojito but not alcohol. I will be bringing some back home for him when we finish riding.
God this Hotel is so hot! The Aircon is weak and hardly working. I had to ask The Cyclist to fetch the fan. Now to let it blow on my feet as they are roasting.
Dawn – Frankie Valli
Days of Pearly Spencer – Marc Almond (The cyclist reminded me of the urban myth that went round high school at the height of his fame. Do you know it?)
Diana – The Bachelors
Diva – Dana international
Dog eat dog – Adam and the Ants
Don’t you worry child- Sweedish house Maffia
E ery morning- sugar ray


Kyle Martin solo cycling three 2013 grand tours-12000Km. The Giro, Le Tour & La Vuelta.

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  1. Is the urban myth to do with stomach contents? If so, I think I know it!! It’s good to have the playlist back….:0)

  2. Its amazing what us P&P people need to know to do our job and impress our customers – as Aleta indicates, its not too everybody’s taste!!!