The rest day that wasn’t


We were able to have a  late start today and I sorted bags out to refresh my little bag. I unpacked the boot by folding down the back seats so that I could sort the food bag and condense things. It would be far easier if I could open the boot but The Cyclist has said he doesn’t want to risk the cycle carrier breaking. So I do it the hard way.
I miss the ability to use the washing machine today which is what I was able to do on other rest days. I can wash the kit every night and scrub but being able to put it all in together along with any other bits of clothes and underwear. That is why I try to book AppartHotels as they have washers and dyrers. After 9 days of cycling in the heat those kits really need a proper wash. But not today. Last night I ran the water as hot as I could and put everything I could in to soak as I showered then did the usual scrubbing once I was done.
The room last night was very warm, uncomfortably so. So I was surprised that nothing was dry this morning. The hotel was advertised with aircon but in fact the aircon part of the system had been disabled so only the fan would work, but even that wasn’t great. We were on the ground floor looking on to the small pool (The Cyclist said it was more like a big bath). You wouldn’t want to leave the window open all night normally, however I did try. The fan turned itself off so it must be connected to the window in some way, and it was the same temperature outside anyway so I gave it up as a bad job. I love the heat don’t get me wrong, just not in a poky little room with no air and cooks you like an oven.
The Cyclist keeps showing me his brown bits (or his white bits if you prefer) and telling me he his browner than me. We keep doing the thing where you put your arms up together to se who is browner. Of course he is. I mean he had 3days of blistering heat in Corsica when I was in the UK freezing and then when the sun has come out since Wednesday he s out in it fully while I am in the car. The only reason he Kees mentioning it is because I like to have a sun tan and would generally go much darker than him. Not this year though.
We have been discussing the Spanish tour while driving up the motorway. About the difficulties we will encounter: language barriers, sat nav issues like Italy, likely 40 degree temperatures, awful long transfers between stages that could take hours, therefore late nights, constant tiredness from heat and short sleeps, Spanish road pirates and trying to get him to drink enough. I can’t wait!
I am spending my time writing this blog and searching for a Buffalo Grill for the Cyclist. There isn’t one along our route it’s an  hours detour but there is One in our destination town. So he agreed that we could eat in a supermarket restaurant for lunch then eat again later.
Tonight I had booked a little B&B in an annex of a family home. It is splendidly done in modern decor and Madame is very accommodating. She brought us Apple Juice on arrival as she knew we had driven far. We did eat out at Buffalo Grill and the Cyclist had a big rack of ribs. We also,got another photo of this Buffalo Grill for his collection as he is trying to eat at as many Buffalo Grills as we cama dancer ate a gallery of photos of them all. So far we only haven2 and one was on our way back from Italy.
We had to drive through the start town to get to,our stop and it was lovely to see tat the town had gone to the effort of decorating its streets and shop windows. Maybe it is just the south that is blasé about Le Tour? The Cyclist stopped so I could take photos now so that we don’t lose time in the morning.
 When we got here my texts came through. One was a photo sent by Angel-Boo that Angel-One had taken in the last couple of days. Yep. That’s how babies get you. It was also good to see that The Physiologist and The Curly Skipper have been keeping up,with the logs and posting comments. I also,have a new comment writer called Rob Cartwright who worked with MM_Scimitar at the MEB as I grew up. Welcome all and thank you.
Motorway soundbites:
Soundtrack to ‘French Kiss’ movie (twice over as it is calming, French and reminds me of the scenes in the film).
Swedish House Maffia – Don’t you worry child. ( It played for about 30 seconds before The Cyclist turned it off asking what it was. I told him that it was the track chosen by The Sports Therapist aka his sister. It’s still going off,  was the response. I thought it was funny as I also have mixed views on some of the tracks on ‘The Characters Playlist’
A song from the soundtrack to Les Miserables. (This is the first time that The Cyclist has had his iPod connected and been able to control the music. Last time Les Mis’ was on was in Italy).
All of the tracks from  ‘The Characters Playlist’  one by one so I could tell him who chose what track. There is certainly a variety. And where I didn’t get a reply to my track choice question I have put in a track that I know that the person loves so that everyone has one. So you know who chase what here they are:
Nanakatz: Diana- The Bachelors
(We know all about this one as I told you about it in my “Oh dear it looks gloomy” blog a couple of days ago)
MM_Scimitar: Summer Wine – Nancy Sinatra
(My Angels, Blondie and I were brought up with him playing Nancy Sinatra, especially this one).
Angel-One: Breakn’ a Sweat – Skrillex & the Doors
(I had never even heard of this one!)
Angel-Boo: Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke
(She may be my Angel but I am surprised that her all time favourite track is a current song? Especially when she loves tracks like ‘Oh Carol’ and a number of 80’s tracks)
Mrs Chimney: Songbird – Eva Cassidy
(She chose this as it was The Cyclist’s dads favourite song. He is the reason the Tour cycling started last year for the 10th Anniversary of his death to cancer. Hence a cancer charity being The Cyclists beneficiary).
The Physioligist: Mr Brightside – The Killers
(He said it is the only one I would know. Cheek! I am not that old just because I don’t like Radio1. I remember when MM_Scimitar switched to Radio2. However Radio1 used to be good then and Radio2 was more boring. Now it’s hip on Radio2 in the morning with Chris Evans. Who would have though Terry Wogan could be forgotten but who remembers now?)
The Halo King: All Around The World – Daft Punk
Blondie: Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol (chosen by me as she loves this track)
The Nieces: Rhinestone Cowboy – Glen Campbell
(Those girls love horse and Blondie has to play it in the car for them. This is why I keep taking photos of horses).
The Sports Therapist: Don’t you worry child – Swedish House Mafia
The Boss: Cum u Feel the Noize – Slade (He only told me his track today until then it was Days Like These as he loves Matt Monroe. I had never heard any of Monroe tracks until The Boss educated me. Slade I do know especially as The Cyclist loves them.)
The Curly Skipper: Beyond the Sea – Bobby Darin
(For her love of sailing, though doesn’t Rod Stewart win hands down on that one? I also have a French version of this on my French Kiss soundtrack sung by Kevin Kline n less).
CBR Princess: Freebird – Lynard Skynard
(She has the same ethos as The Cyclist on favourite track choices. i.e. The track goes with the mood so for now this is hers).
The Scottish Biker: White Bird – It’s a Beautiful Day
(This is an unusual track in that it is not mainstream at all. It is inoffensive and Ne Cyclist and I would like to know how the Scottish Biker came upon it?)
Squadron Leader: 2 Wheels Move the Soul – Sacha & Motoraodeo MMC
(This song has the right number of wheels but is about the wrong sort of bike. Good track though).
Mrs G+T: Avenues and Alleyways – Tony Christie
(This has come up on shuffle about twice every day. I didn’t know the words before but I do now. Like Amarillo it is a catchy tune. I really did try to find a Matt Monroe version but couldn’t).
The Lager Monster: The Night – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
(I had a choice of 3 that he puts on the Sonos for Mrs G+T and I to dance to on a Friday night. The other 2 were: I Surrender – Eddie Holman and Beggin’ – Timebox. All Northern Soul track and excellent choices. I strongly suggest you take a listen and let me know if you agree)
The Cyclist:
Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles
Always There – Jocelyn Brown
I Believe in Miracles – Jackson Sisters
I Say a Little Prayer – Aretha Franklin
God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
Ok he has 5 tracks. As he couldn’t pin it down to one as he said there are so many great songs and his choice depends on his mood like CBR Princess, I lat him have 5 as he is doing the cycling after all. When I played these tracks to Angel-One and Halo King they were astounded at his choices. I am not sure they liked them although Angel-One had a better appreciation I think as I played them all sorts of music both modern and old as they grew up. It was not the songs per sé. It was that he worked in the music industry for so many years, had to entertain the pop stars when they were in Japan (e.g. Blue & Robbie Williams) that they thought that he would have choices that were of lesser known artists. He does own so much music from I have never heard of.
For example we are currently listening to Hayseed Dixie- Ace of Spades. (Apparently his favourite Hayseed Dixie track is called Poop In A Jar!)
I relayed what Angel-One and Halo King had said The Cyclists’ justification is that they are classic artists and timeless tracks.

3 Responses

  1. White Bird – twas the sort of music I liked in my formative years – I was/am a hippy at heart. Had the hair/clothes/tie-dyes, etc, but no dope – saw the bad things it did to my cousins who died quite young. Its peaceful, melodic and simple to remember in your head.

  2. You could add Alex Harvey’s Faithhealer to the playlist and have it on whilst massaging the cyclists legs after a long ride…

  3. Ok CBR Princess. I will do so for Spain as its nice having something different to listen to. I am downloading Le Tour ITV podcasts when I can as we are never in early enough to see any on the TV.