It’s so windy the trees have grown bent…


We drove to the start today even though The Cyclist had said about cycling there. It was a big city and it could have been a catastrophe like other city start days when I lost the Cyclist for 4 hours or more. As it was it was actually out of the city so we could have so this didn’t put the Cyclist in a good mood to start. We parked up a dead end road and got the bike off the back. After the obligatory set off photo the Cyclist rode to the end of the raid then immediately turned back.
The Tour de force people had just gone last in large groups. The Cyclist wasnt happy about that but at least he would be able to get past them all in one go rather than picking them off in small groups.
I had stopped to fuel the little Meriva up and so I got caught behind them going through a village with narrow tree lined streets. There were so many in large groups that they took the whole lane up causing havoc with the cars stuck behind and In-between. I eventually got past and was soon on open roads with an abundance of vineyards again.
Wine country still.
Market on in town again. It seem market every day somewhere in a little French town. There are Lots  fluorescent clothes. Like 80s big style.
Col de 13 Vents and it certainly was. Kyle had to pedal downhill otherwise he sad he would stay stationary. Next climb wasn’t much better. I tried to get a spot to take a picture then a Dodgy looking character turned up. It wasn’t long until the cyclist turned up needed a wipe as his Chain had one off and he needed to wipe oil from his fingers. He told me not to hang around. I hadn’t planned to.
I am assessing my wardrobe. Should I have bought warmer clothes? It drizzly, chilly and windy and we aren’t even in the north. I did bring more this time than Italy. The physiologist would be open mouthed as he usually is when ever my wardrobe is mentioned. The thing is you have to be careful about wearing things more than once and if you do it would have to be a different top. It’s the law. Especially if you are being photographed, however I have only been photographed once since I got here on Tuesday and that was because we were at lunch. So you will have to make do with photos of The Cyclist with various views behind him.
Each time I stop to get a spot to take a photo, it seems that cars appear from nowhere on an empty road and they want to go where I have pulled up. Invariably just as I have got out of the car. Mostly this seems to be the post ladies. They drive around in little yellow vans, often in pairs. So they haven’t heard of lean processes and BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) in France yet. Maybe I should set up a learning consultancy to show them how it is done. A crash course to improve my business French would be needed. Not a bad idea though…….
One lovely thing s the vineyards. There were everywhere all along the road. Some small ones and some huge ones with wonderful driveways up to the mansions that the owners live in. How wonderful to have winemaking passed down through families.
Angel-One came out from hospital yesterday and sent me a photo of Bambino in his little cover up I got while she was pregnant. He looks so so sweet I have put the picture up here too so you can all see him. I am so proud.
Remember you’re a Womble-The Wombles (for the boss as he got me back into the Wombles. In fact Wombling Merry Christmas is on my p,ay list too and that’s his doing too!)
Can’t get away- Sixto Rodriguez ( If you have not seen the movie ‘Search for Sugarman’ then you should. Fantastic true story and great songs).
I die you die – Gary Newman (excellent track for mountains and trees)
The Unicorn-The Bachelors (for the Bambino)

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  1. I will never be accepting about the amount of clothes you have…… EVER. Remember, you’re talking to a person who can go away for a week with just hand luggage!

  2. Hi Kay
    Hope alls going well . Sat with your Mom & Dad eating a bacon sandwich

    All the best to Kyle , wish I could ride a bike like him !

  3. It does look a bit chilly, but lovely scenery. If this is an example please don’t tell us when you’re playing The Boss’s playlist …. I just actually whistled Remember You’re a Womble out loud!! Thank goodness I was on my own! Bambino looks so cute in his outfit 🙂

  4. Mr Physiologist just lives his red trousers so much that’s all he needs. But then again he isn’t a girl. What he should consider is that all girls eventually turn into their mother. They may fight it but one day it will happen. Angel-Boo and I are so so alike already. I am beginning to notice I am turning into my mother. My Angels say I am turning into my mother. Dave- how many clothes and shoes do you think Angel-Boo will have in 20 years…..

  5. The a curly Skipper whistling a Wombles tune. Ooh ooh, can you do it in the office and get everyone at it? Go on I dare you. Xx

  6. …. Actually, I’ve changed my mind – I’m hoovering and The Wombles are quite mood lifting when doing one’s mundane chores!

  7. Kay I can assure you, you are not turning into me never will. I know you are in the mountains somewhere but the snow!!!!