Rest day Two before the last 6 day push to Paris

I woke at 3pm after only getting to sleep after midnight, then again at 6am which is when I normally get out of bed a short while after the alarm (it is an hour in front here you know) but again I luckily managed to get off to sleep again and The Cyclist was creeping round letting me catch up with my beauty sleep, for which I am very grateful.

I did breakfast for Squadron Leader, emptied the car to unpack and re pack my big clothes bag, had another scrub down in the shower,  while The Cyclist took Squadron Leader to Orange to get his car and start home. He was gone a while but it was so nice to just be able to breath in my own space. I listened to two Graham Norton pod casts as well as some ITV Le Tour pod casts.
When the Cyclist got back we went to lunch in Malaucene and his cycle went in to have gears checked as they were slipping yesterday.
Then I asked him to take me back up the mountain now that it wasn’t hailing and black. This time (and for one of the rare times) I got The Cyclist to take my picture at the top of the mountain as this is one I had not been up before yesterday. By the sign there were a couple of cyclists that were waiting to take their picture. I asked if I could just jump in as I would be super quick and they kindly said ok. As we were walking away My Cyclist pointed out that they had TDF kit on. I pondered for a minute then went back to speak to them, I mean I am likely to see them a lot in the Alps over the next couple days as I pass and stop to take he many photos of The Cyclist both for you to look at and for his own website. In fact if you haven’t already, I strongly suggest that you do take a peek. It has all his technical data that you boys will love and also all the information on all 3 tours including hotels where we are staying.
Anyway, I weren’t up to the guys and asked that as they were TDf guys had they done the climb from the other side today? One said yes it was their rest day today, to which I replied that I knew as it was also our rest day today. Then the penny dropped and he asked if we were the ones….. That are doing all 3tours solo I finished. Yes. It turns out that this guy was the one I spoke to on the last climb in the Pyrenees when he overtook The Cyclist (it happens very very rarely) and I asked him if he had just out a fresh pair of legs on. Someway further up he passed me again as I waited and he said he was still thinking of a witty retort to my question. (I am still waiting for it actually, but it may happen after today’s meeting). His name is Gareth and after that Pyrenees exchange he began to follow The Cyclist on Twitter @3gt4tct strangely enough 🙂
The other chap was called Col, he is one I have noticed riding with the TDF guys as he is very tall. I loved the fact that on his shirt he ad embroidered Le Col. All the mountain passes are called Col de something, and they are obviously very high. Col is also very high. I have an innocent sense of humour I know, but I liked the comparison. Col was one of the TDF who were huddling under a caravan awning last night out of the storm as The Cyclist just carried on regardless, to get to the top as soon as possible.
Both of these guys were really nice and wished The Cyclist well on his Spanish tour too, so I encouraged them to look at The Cyclists website and use the link on the right side to get to my blog. I hope they do. I am trying hard to get people to understand that this s quite something that Athens Cyclist is undertaking. Especially as he is not a cyclist per sé, not a member of a cycling club and as worked out his own training programme to get him able to do this. He s 44 this year after all so although not old, he is not 20 either!
On the way down the mountain I was discussing the previous day with The Cyclist. How Squadron Leader was telling me the best places to stop for photos and to keep my eyes on the road when I have eyes and ears all over the roads in front and behind. I did this last year, I have done Italy which I wouldn’t wish on an enemy and this is baby food by comparison to that. He helped me by holding the steering wheel while my feet drove and my hands were on the ipad taking moving shots of The Cyclist moving up the mountain.
The Cyclist explained that in normal circumstances, on their motorbike tours, the Squadron Leader is in charge (hence the nick name the Bewdley Boys have given him and I have used too) and that as a Barrister he is used to telling people how it is. What I found interesting was that The Cyclist is an OCD control freak, he said that Squadron Leader has control freak tendencies and I too (I do recognise my faults) also have those tendencies. The Cyclist said that he was very glad he wasn’t in the car with me and Squadron Leader as we are both very alike. This made me chuckle as I know The Cyclist very well and he too shows all those signs. I said maybe we should do a TV programme. They did three men in a boat. Maybe we should do Three Control Freaks in a Meriva. It is made me laugh anyway knowing all 3 characters.
When we got back I finished re organising my bag and the car. I made some pasta salad for the cyclist for the next couple of days and set down to updating my blogs with the aim of catching up. The Cyclist put more Ashes to Ashes series from my ITunes. He fell asleep and I turned it off so I could upload the photos.
Today Angel-Boo phoned me and despite a number of connection problems we had a long chat. It brightened my day. And she said there were worse things that turning into me. She sent me some photos and so did Angel-One of them with The Bambino. Angel-Boo thinks she looks very like me and has my eyes. According to The Physiologist Angel-Boo is more like me than either of us realise and not just in looks but in everything of how we are. Both the angels are like me probably more than they realise right now.

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  1. Gareth and Le Col, if you or any TDF people read this, I have a photo of your descent off Mont Ventoux.

  2. Just emerged from the trauma of having friends to stay all weekend so enjoyed catching up on your adventures now. Great photos, love all the decorations along the route. Still don’t know how The Cyclist keeps going – especially in the hail! Enjoy next six days – at least we’re getting the great weather here too for a change. The Boss picked a good fortnight for his hols too, didn’t he?!

  3. Oh yes he does. He has all the luck that one. Even on his German holiday.he SO won’t want to go back to work. Still, he will be at conference and he likes those.

  4. I am reading this exchange and would remind u that i am on leave again in a fortnight.

  5. Ah. Thought you were so engrossed in your sunny Essex holiday that you weren’t keeping up. Yes I know you are away soon. I know because I go before you are back.