Summer solstice

So today really is the longest day. Not just because it is the 21st June, but because there was the possibility that Bambino showed up today as Angel-one was told to go in to hospital. But it wasn’t to be as they sent her back home again. Which means that today needs to be over so that we can get to tomorrow when hopefully she will get the kick start needed.

All day I have wondered what the cyclist is up to. Did they get off the ferry to Corsica ok? What was it like there? Well I wondered in between a day of that felt like constant telephone meetings and a lot of umph on my part to motivate people to get a flurry of activities underway. In fact by 4pm I was actually out of breath and drained of umph. It is like being one of those plate spinning artists that you used to see on the Generation Game (for those of us old enough to remember). Where they were constantly running from one stick to another to give it a wobble to keep the plate on top spinning so it didn’t fall and smash. That is exactly what my day is like most days. Today was the worst type of those days as I did everything I could to ensure that it all goes to plan while I am away.

So as Angel-one was still here, she and The Halo King took me out to dinner to Chiquito’s in Dudley. Pronounced Duddlay for ¬†who are not familiar with the Black Country way of pronunciation. It was very nice and I even managed to get them let me play some of my music on the way home. Well, that is not strictly true. We listened to some of the tracks that are the all time favourites of my cast/characters from my blogs that you can meet on my ‘Meet the Characters’ page. So it was your music not really mine. They were not impressed by some of the tracks as they are from a different era, but both were shocked by the choices of The Cyclist. Completely not what they had expected. I wonder if you will think the same when I begin to play the Characters playlist and talk about the track and who chose it, when I get to France

Before I went out tonight I had a long chat with my Cyclist. Not a normal chat in its truest sense, but it was an instructional lesson for me in the Admin of my blog. So here I am, proving I was listening (contrary to The Cyclist thinking I wasn’t), adding a blog all on my own. Well I will have if this works and you are reading it.

I asked The Cyclist what Corsica was like half wanting to know and half not as it would be like rubbing my nose in it if it was beautiful. He asked me what I wanted to hear and I told him, the truth. So he did and now I have a sore nose. Apparently it is truly magnificent with mountains, forests and a clear Azure sea. I asked him what the Sports Therapist thought and he replied that he thought she may be a little car sick. The hairpins were tight and endless as they climbed and some roads were gravely, some roads had cattle in the road and other farm animals roaming in the road too so it sounded like a right obstacle course. The final blow was the statement that he could not remember being somewhere that had taken his breath away so much. Mmmm. I remember he said that this would have been my one chance to go as he would not go back (he never returns anywhere really-unless it’s on a motorbike). So I expect that I will enjoy the photographs and imagine.

It would be worth every ounce of missing it if Bambino comes before Monday night. Talking of which, MM_Scimitar and Nanakatz are up in Scotland and are missing all this as they have no Wifi nor mobile signal. It must be driving them mad. I guess so from the panicked land line call I had tonight just as I walked in. Whatever did we do before mobile phones and the Internet eh? The Cyclist would love to be somewhere that is technology free. Well, as I get to choose the destination for next years holiday as I have to pay, I can tell you one thing for sure. It won’t be Scotland! I have nothing against it at all, but I want somewhere that the sun will shine and be hot everyday. Not anywhere in the UK then judging by the last few summers.

I will ask the cyclist to add a few photo’s of Corsica so you can enjoy what I am missing too.


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  1. The cyclists travels in Corsica has some similarities to our journey from Whitby to grasmere – we travelled across the Yorkshire moors to Swaledale for lunch at the highest pub in Englad. It was like being on top of the world, although the drive was somewhat hair raising with hairpin bends, blind summits and lazy crazy woollybums (sheep!) in the middle of the road – all well worth it though…