The wait is over – Hello Bambino

Two days blog in one I am sorry. I am sure that you will forgive me as it has been a roller coaster of emotions and tensions since Saturday.

Sunday began early and I had a call from Angel-Boo to say that the kick start by the hospital had worked and she was on her way back up to the hospital again after leaving there late the night before. Right we are on our way I thought. After informing the network of family and friends, doing the girlie stuff us girls have to do before a holiday (I know this is not a holiday but there are still standards you know!), I had to go round to Mrs G+T’s as she had Kindly offered to print out my boarding pads for my flight. I couldn’t do it at home as The Cyclist had dismantled his computing equipment completely and taken it elsewhere for safe keeping. I had also offered to help Mrs G+T out with a little holiday wardrobe issue  so it was tit for tat as it were.

The Cyclist should have been all refuelled after Saturday’s bonking flue the giggle may the CBR Princess and myself), and the Sports Therapist would have stage one under her belt band be more clued up as to how far to go ahead and when to freed him. I had told her to give him something every hour to try to replenish as used rather than his body looking for reserves of energy that weren’t there. About 11 am I text her to advise she do him a sandwich Then as it would have been a while since he ate breakfast. I followed this with a text  to apologise for having to tell her what to do it  was just that I need the cyclist to be In good form as we leave Nice heading for the mountains of the Pyrenees. That was ok as she said she needed to know what to do.

The Sports Therapist text me to say that The Cyclist had over taken the Tour De Force cyclists. That was good Hear. It means that Italy didn’t take so much out of him that he would ride slowly. At least that that is what I hoped anyway.

At about 1pm I had a call from Angel-Boo to say that things were not going as planned and Angel-one was having a drip to speed things up together with added pain relief. Again I contacted the network and tried to Scottish hotel to speak with Nanakatz.

At 2.30pm I got a text to say that the cyclist had finished and they were on their way to the hotel. That was early, he must have flown along. When I spoke to the cyclist he said that he had just come out of the shower where he had washed his kit and that he had cooked his pasta before that as The Sports Therapist had gone to the beach. I updated him on Angel-one’s progress and wished him well for the next day which was the last Corsica stage and then they would take the overnight ferry to Nice where I would meet them.

There were many calls between Angel-Boo and myself followed by me contacted the family network, the one that was most worrying was at 1.30am Monday saying that Angel-one was being prepared for theatre as the hospital now said she needed a C-Section. It was a long few hours and any thoughts I had about dozing went right out the window. It is a horrible feeling not being there and being completely unable to help. I did not enjoy one minute of it.

At 5.30am I had the call to say that I had a Grandson and that Angel-one had had some complications and was still in theatre but would hopefully be out soon. So please meet my Grandson, Benjamin Edward born 9lb 7oz so he was a big boy. On arriving in Angel-one’s room I went straight to her and got all emotional as she may be 24 but she is still my baby so to speak. My Angel-Boo had done a Stirling job of looking after her sister, questioning the midwives and watching the monitor to see all was well with the baby. After spending some time with them I had to leave and get on as I had some work to finish and to get ready for the 4.15aup alarm so I could get to the airport for my flight to Nice.

So I leave you there. The Cyclists Tour De France started on Saturday while I stayed for the baby and now I had to get out to France do my job of supporting him as his tour really gets going. Thank heavens for technology so I won’t miss anything back home.