This may be the only hope of sunshine…

To Montpellier

We had a later start than I wanted today really. My fault. I was tired (there’s a surprise) and as it was very late when we eventually went to sleep The Cyclist had told me not to set and alarm but to wake naturally. i warned him that might be after 9am as I have not recovered from Sunday nights shenanagins. Anyway, god love him, he woke me at 7-ish with a cup of tea. I had done some of the preparation the night before but it still amazes me how much time making sandwiches, tea+coffee to go, washing up, packing things away, having a wash myself and packing the coolbox up from the fridge, actually takes. Consequently it was about 9am when we had got everything down stairs, fetched the car from the underground garage nearby and I was set ready to drive off. Straight into Aix-En-Provence city rush time.
As we got to the start point my soundtrack put Beggin on. It was just what I needed to start the day. And what a day it was to be. The Cyclist loved
 The route was full of little French towns with stone houses all cleaning them up for the Tour. However, so far I have been disappointed and quite shocked at the lack of Le Tour party decorations by towns and by individual home owners. Last year there were loads of houses that had put on displays in their gardens of painted up bicycles, even bikes painted I. The King of the Mountain spots and tied to lamp posts. Not this year and this is being promoted as te 100th Tour De France. This is why I find it surprising. I can only liken it to home where the street party spirit died along with Charles and Di’s marriage. I only hope that it gets better as we head into the mountains or North.
Today there was street after street of tree lined roads and sunshine. The cyclist loves tree lined roads so I kept tryingbto get the erfect shot of him cycling in or out of one but every time I tried to take photo traffic and lorries just come past just as he gets to me which ruins the shot as he wint use it or look at it. This is often the case and t s getting frustrating.
I have notced that there are horses galore. I have taken this as the  Nieces would love to see them. I suppose there ay be more than at home as French eat them! The Horsegate scandal for Tesco and other stores would not have Ben felt here. I mean when I did an exchange trip on the last night the family served up horse that was so rare the blood was the gravy which was supposed to be a special treat. Needless to say, I didn’t eat it. This was the same family that gave me a packed lunch which had a huge slab of chocolate in the middle. No butter just bread and what could have been a big bar of Cadburys diary milk.
It became very windy and it seems chilly but not like UK cold. The wind s playing havoc with the cyclist though. Both his peddling seed and his temperament. It is gusty and my suggestions tat it is the notorious ‘Mistral’ known very well in these parts, isn’t going down well enough to placate him.
There is also lots of fruit and veg sellers by the roadside. I Wonder if they actually make a profit and if all goods sold before go off? I have not seen many cars, if any, at them. I have been tempted to stop for cherries though. The Cyclist loves them, but he said the stones are a nuisance so I haven’t  bothered.
I saw some roadworks traffic lights that countdown in the Amber light so you know how many seconds until you can go in Green. How cool is that? I will try to get a picture for you if I see any more of them.
Today I was overtaken by an old citroên van. Shocking. The little Meriva being put to shame by that old thing. I have tended to do a steady 40mph when I am in between photo opportunities.
Diane – The Bachelors ( for Nanakatz. It is her song choice for my story playlist. I love older music and especially some of the songs she used to have on 45 record that I payed as a teenager. When I showed her she wailed along to the song and MM_Scimitar said “oh god” and I have to agree. I love my mum but ouch to my ears. My Angels probably think that as I sing my heart out to some 80’s track I guess.
The hotel for tonight has round bolster pillows. I have not seen those for a long long time. Not since I holiday’d with my parents on European touring holidays. I can’t sleep on it. It’s far to hard. So what I do is sleep down the bed pillowless, only to pull myself up in my sleep and wake myself with a bang as I pull myself upwards and smack my dad on the wood at my head. If I didn’t have a headache, I have one now.

3 Responses

  1. Second attempt:
    managed to catch up on your blog a little earlier this time!
    have to say, with all the talk of bonking and hooters and other references the nature of the venture remains unclear!
    Wow – Avenues and Alleyways: I used to sing that when I was little, though if I tried it now Nanakatz might appear a professional singer by comparison!! x

  2. Glad to know you got to Kyle and you are both alright. Had no internet or phones so felt cut off. Came home today Dad drove 514 miles, but it is much warmer down here. I was singing Diane on way home and to Barbara Streisand too, sorry but I enjoy it even if it isn’t as sweet as it used to be!!!! Keep writing Kay it makes me feel closer to you, after all you are my firstborn.